My free music composed with computer under the Creative Commons license

War, fight and action music

Adventurous songs full of action, suspense and nearly fights for own lives ;-)

All Relax Sadness, Melancholic Dungeon, magic, sorcerrer Fairy tales War, fight and action Dance, Trance Hard and psychadelic

In motion 2:13
4.9.2020 fight / action 

Short adrenaline music composed in one evening. Modern instruments.

In the Middle of Nowhere 5:13
15.11.2019 fight / action 

This is my another free electronic music, composed with FL Studio program. Enjoy ;-)

Under the shield 4:03
6.4.2017 fight / action 

Short story about war shield covering the city and defending it against.... against everything... how long could this shield resist?

Waiting for the Thunder Bell 4:04
13.12.2013 dance / trance  fight / action 

Another relax song during approaching storm - it's time to awakening thunder bell ;-)

Begin of the sunny war 3:03
26.12.2012 fight / action 

Fight is getting to be ready. The fortress in dune is prepared to beat the enemy. Tanks are moving closer and closer - the war will begin. It's pretty hot in the dust. Only one team can survive...

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