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Trance and faster songs

Something to wake up and fill the energy. I've liked this type of music since my childhood.

All Relax Sadness, Melancholic Dungeon, magic, sorcerrer Fairy tales War, fight and action Dance, Trance Hard and psychadelic

Under the strings (trance version) 4:30
12.11.2021 dance / trance 

This is much faster version of my relax guitar melodic loop, you can find also relax version at my website. So for trance / dance / EDM lowers, enjoy ;-)

In the middle of nowhere (bonus trance version) 4:36
30.8.2020 dance / trance 

This is trance/dance version of my previous song In the middle of nowhere (bonus addon). Enjoy ;-)

In the Middle of Nowhere (bonus) 4:14
15.11.2019 dance / trance 

This is bonus chapter from my original track "In the Middle of Nowhere". Same instruments, same rhytm, but much differrent melody - accompanied by some known themes from original song.

Miraculous world 6:38
26.2.2018 dance / trance 

It takes almost half a year to complete this track, so I hope, you will enjoy this melodic trance theme.

Follow your dreams 4:54
21.11.2016 dance / trance 

Another piece of faster trance song ;-) Inspired by Follow Me from Lange Feat. The Morrighan

Illusion 4:27
7.8.2016 dance / trance 

(psychedelic trance / goa trance)

Wind of peace (trance version) 6:53
7.8.2016 dance / trance 

This is my old trance song created 10 years ago. I have just re-edited it into better quality - I know, it should be better, but you could wait another 10 years :-)

Allien connection 4:04
3.8.2016 dance / trance 

Secret path 4:37
3.8.2016 dance / trance 

Ouroboros 3:44
30.4.2016 dance / trance 

Endless cycle of life, which is gradually encounter various joys and sorrows. Youth and strenght is gradually being replaced by wisdom, peace and experience, until last day comes and everything will start again from the beginning ;-)

Touch the sky 5:48
17.2.2016 dance / trance 

For the trance lovers there is another one song.

Castles in the Sky 4:21
30.1.2016 dance / trance 

Whoever can believe in any higher world, he must see the castle in the sky, which appeared few years ago in front of mine. This castle faded a few seconds after my first snapshot. But it was amazing

Nebula call 3:48
7.11.2015 dance / trance 

We are flying higher and higher
15.2.2015 dance / trance 

After some time I am here with another faster song, this time we will fly higher and higher :)

Racing around Venus 3:38
14.2.2015 dance / trance 

What about some crazy race around our neighboring planet? No cheating, no sleeping, no road signs crashing, autopilots and cookie makers disabled, we'll start on the whistle.

Travelling Light 3:49
17.12.2014 dance / trance 

Song story: A little big adventure of a small light travelling the world.

Red planet 6:26
20.4.2014 dance / trance 

Another space mission, this time we'll try to land on Mars, but our captain obviously would just rather stay in orbit and admire the beauty of this red planet.

Waiting for the Thunder Bell 4:04
13.12.2013 dance / trance  fight / action 

Another relax song during approaching storm - it's time to awakening thunder bell ;-)

Space mission to Andromeda 5:36
24.9.2013 dance / trance 

A little bit faster song about a spaceship crew, who has just started a dangerous mission floating through the space to Andromeda Galaxy.

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