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Music by Lord Petreesec / Phaeriss

You can find here some songs created by me with a computer. I compose just for relax and fun during my free time. It is time to share my music to enjoy other people, who maybe likes this types of melodies. I compose slow relaxation tracks, sad songs, but I am also a fan of dream dance or trance music.

This music is free

  • You do not have to pay for this music, every my songs are free for everyone.
  • You can use my music for your projects under Creative Commons license.
  • It is your main duty and decency to state the author ;-)
  • You can play this music also in commercial premises.
  • More about license here.

Latest song

Cursed in time 3:40
25.6.2023 relax 

Calmer, emotional song that allows you to reflect on life, relax, and rest. The loop is dominated by piano, later accompanied by flute and violin. The composition was created in a few days. It keeps similar emotions from beginning to end.

Are you here for the first time?

So I can offer you four my songs, which I personally consider the most interesting (click on the picture to open a Youtube page with a song). Try listening to them, and if none of them interest you, it probably does not make sense to go through the others ;-)

In reins of desire 7:40
29.1.2019 relax 

Probably the most emotional song I have ever released. The basis of the melody originated in my early childhood and still means a lot to me. You will hear violin, piano and guitar in the lead roles.

In the Middle of Nowhere (bonus) 4:14
15.11.2019 dance / trance 

A melodic and energetic composition, which I can listen over and over. Maybe you will notice a similar effect :)

Knight's remorse 3:51
7.10.2016 relax 

There is very remarkable piano performance that starts at 1:14. This piano track is completely transfered "theoretically" from computer (by programming), not to catch my keyboard playing beacause I have not got any ;-).

Red planet 6:26
20.4.2014 dance / trance 

One of me dance / trance music. This track is technically quite outdated, but it is the most popular one among the listeners. Who likes Popcorn by J.M.Jarre, he might like also this song ;-)

Are you interested in something from my work?

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