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All my free music is published on my youtube channel. You can listen the track on youtube by clicking on images bellow.
I compose mostly relax, sad and calm music, but I enjoy also some drance / trance style ;-) You can sort my music here by choosing a category.

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Cursed in time 3:40
25.6.2023 relax 

Calmer, emotional song that allows you to reflect on life, relax, and rest. The loop is dominated by piano, later accompanied by flute and violin. The composition was created in a few days. It keeps similar emotions from beginning to end.

Silence over the valley 3:23
10.6.2023 relax 

The guitar playing to the silence above the valley is later accompanied by piano, violin and other little friends. This song keeps one melodic loop the whole time, so maybe it doesn't matter that it seems to go round and round.

Light on the edge of darkness 4:06
24.5.2023 relax 

Relax song with piano and melody similar to one of my older song In the middle of nowhere (bonus).

Echoes in Space 5:17
20.5.2023 dance / trance 

Dance / trance music with one melodic theme following the whole timeline.

Endless dancing 3:24
24.10.2022 fight / action 

This dance / disco music could also have an endless story, the final sentence could be: And if they didn't die, they're still dancing today. This song was composed in one evening (although the second half turned into a melody that I created a long, long time ago :D).

Flight from the mountaintop 4:43
24.10.2022 relax  adventure 

Relaxing and awakening song. Main role Piano, Arp accompaniment, with violin, bass, drums, orchestra, etc etc :) Enjoy.

Autumn rays 3:21
24.10.2022 relax 

The rays shine through the autumn forest and brings the calm and relax there. Starring piano and violin.

Under the strings (trance version) 4:30
12.11.2021 dance / trance 

This is much faster version of my relax guitar melodic loop, you can find also relax version at my website. So for trance / dance / EDM lowers, enjoy ;-)

Under the strings (relax version) 3:45
12.11.2021 relax 

So far, the only song I can play my guitar and maybe I could paly the first half minute of the piano. Nobody can want more from me :-) Anyway, probably my first song that was created based on fooling around with a real guitar and chattering a few chords. But don't worry, the whole song is managed on a computer. My real play is inaudible ;-)

In motion 2:13
4.9.2020 fight / action 

Short adrenaline music composed in one evening. Modern instruments.

In the middle of nowhere (bonus trance version) 4:36
30.8.2020 dance / trance 

This is trance/dance version of my previous song In the middle of nowhere (bonus addon). Enjoy ;-)

Laboratory 4:06
30.8.2020 adventure 

Free reserach music. Feel free to meditate, thinking, examining, working ... ;-)

Summer Garden 4:53
21.6.2020 relax 

Another relaxing song. Feel free to meditate, thinking about nothing or turning your mind to off state ;-). Today with a more modern accompanying instruments. Although in the end the older saxophone returns :-)

The World Behind the Glass Wall 3:05
13.5.2020 sad / melancholic  relax 

Another slow relax song with piano and strings ...

Cold winter night II 3:45
18.4.2020 relax 

Continuation of the relaxation song Cold winter night, the second chapter uses the same instruments and the melody base and is a bit calmer. So whoever liked the first version, has almost another 4 minutes here as a bonus.

Cold winter night 3:57
15.4.2020 relax 

A little meditation during a night walk through the winter forest. Accompanied by piano, strings, guitar, etc.

Deliberation 3:32
16.1.2020 relax 

This track is suitable for high relaxation. Close piano plays the major role here for all the time.

Mysterious Underground 4:20
26.11.2019 adventure 

Free dungeon gameplay music.

In the Middle of Nowhere (bonus) 4:14
15.11.2019 dance / trance 

This is bonus chapter from my original track "In the Middle of Nowhere". Same instruments, same rhytm, but much differrent melody - accompanied by some known themes from original song.

In the Middle of Nowhere 5:13
15.11.2019 fight / action 

This is my another free electronic music, composed with FL Studio program. Enjoy ;-)

In reins of desire 7:40
29.1.2019 relax 

Dedicated to those who help others without expecting anything back. In the reins of unstoppable desire that goes forward, sometimes falling into the trap of hurdles...

Miraculous world 6:38
26.2.2018 dance / trance 

It takes almost half a year to complete this track, so I hope, you will enjoy this melodic trance theme.

Rising star 2:53
6.4.2017 relax 

Melancholic song for good night sleeps, talking about a newborn star far far away from us... Hope you enjoy this ;-)

Wedding preparations 3:21
6.4.2017 relax 

Suitable for loving couple, who works on the best wedding as every woman wants ;-)

On the Moon 2:51
6.4.2017 adventure 

Unusual song (from me :D) with unusual instruments. Enjoy ;-)

Under the shield 4:03
6.4.2017 fight / action 

Short story about war shield covering the city and defending it against.... against everything... how long could this shield resist?

Follow your dreams 4:54
21.11.2016 dance / trance 

Another piece of faster trance song ;-) Inspired by Follow Me from Lange Feat. The Morrighan

Knight's remorse 3:51
7.10.2016 relax 

evening meditation with grand piano, I really love this instrument ;-) Every knight is responsible for many things... the loyalty to his king, defending his country and killing the enemies of course. But what If the knight has a conscience? What if the enemy's knight was also a doll in the hand of other king? Did he deserve to be killed? How many knights will perished? When the war finish? What's the sense of all of this?

Realm of dreams 3:52
18.9.2016 relax 

The time has come for another slow and relax track, you can follow your dreams and listen this simply theme. My apologise, I discovered something like power quitar in the middle of composing and I could not skip this here :-)

Illusion 4:27
7.8.2016 dance / trance 

(psychedelic trance / goa trance)

Wind of peace (trance version) 6:53
7.8.2016 dance / trance 

This is my old trance song created 10 years ago. I have just re-edited it into better quality - I know, it should be better, but you could wait another 10 years :-)

Breath of nature II 3:21
7.8.2016 relax 

Another relax song with my favourite instrumets: piano, pan flute, saxophone and strings ;-)

Allien connection 4:04
3.8.2016 dance / trance 

Secret path 4:37
3.8.2016 dance / trance 

Breath of nature I 4:23
5.5.2016 relax 

Finally there is a track with slower and relaxing theme. This time my nature video is recorded by Samsung Galaxy S5 in hi-resolutin 4k quality format

Ouroboros 3:44
30.4.2016 dance / trance 

Endless cycle of life, which is gradually encounter various joys and sorrows. Youth and strenght is gradually being replaced by wisdom, peace and experience, until last day comes and everything will start again from the beginning ;-)

Touch the sky 5:48
17.2.2016 dance / trance 

For the trance lovers there is another one song.

Castles in the Sky 4:21
30.1.2016 dance / trance 

Whoever can believe in any higher world, he must see the castle in the sky, which appeared few years ago in front of mine. This castle faded a few seconds after my first snapshot. But it was amazing

Night sky 3:08
30.1.2016 relax 

Just a small relax track with looking to the night sky ;-)

Inside the daemon's mind 3:44
1.1.2016 out of category 

Life is not a fairy tale full of nice and calm experience. Sometimes you need to fight with daemons. In your head. In your life. They are everywhere. They are nowhere. Can you survive?

Old dungeon 3:47
7.11.2015 relax  adventure 

Imagine yourself in a dark dungeon. Nobody knows, what is at the other side - but maybe there could be some beautiful treasure...

Nebula call 3:48
7.11.2015 dance / trance 

Sign of the Rocks 4:01
8.10.2015 relax 

Another relax song from magnificiant Rocks...

The Winter train 4:40
1.9.2015 relax 

Still hot in September? Imagine yourself in winter time! Somewhere in Norway in the train.... in the winter train ;-)

Fog over the river 3:48
31.8.2015 relax 

Small meditation on the bridge accompanied by seagulls

We are flying higher and higher
15.2.2015 dance / trance 

After some time I am here with another faster song, this time we will fly higher and higher :)

Racing around Venus 3:38
14.2.2015 dance / trance 

What about some crazy race around our neighboring planet? No cheating, no sleeping, no road signs crashing, autopilots and cookie makers disabled, we'll start on the whistle.

Free 5:11
28.1.2015 relax 

Another relax time with saxophone in my hand - or shoud I say: in my computer ;-)

Lost Life 4:09
17.12.2014 sad / melancholic 

This story is not intended for the public

Emotional Tour 4:08
17.12.2014 adventure 

Enjoy the atmosphere of The Koneprusy Caves. The music style will rotate likes in the rollercoaster. You should be scared, frightened, or you can be really cool - just pick up your way ;-)

Travelling Light 3:49
17.12.2014 dance / trance 

Song story: A little big adventure of a small light travelling the world.

Burning soul 4:15
26.11.2014 relax 

Short relax around a campfire with one guitar and some other instrumental friends :-)

ABC 3:33
19.6.2014 relax 

One of my favorite relaxing melody written sometime during my childhood. The saxophone plays a major role here.

Life subtractor 4:09
4.6.2014 out of category 

You can't restart... You can't go back in time... Welcome to everpresent danger - in your seat - in your road... You still have ONE LIFE. Slow down and take care about it.

Silent shores 3:21
14.5.2014 relax 

Relax music with a piano in main role. First nature video included ;-)

Rising to the Heaven 3:44
14.5.2014 relax 

He was small and tiny but grew slowly among others, learned to survive in the wild here until he finally grew and exceeded all others - with its rising to the Heaven.

Red planet 6:26
20.4.2014 dance / trance 

Another space mission, this time we'll try to land on Mars, but our captain obviously would just rather stay in orbit and admire the beauty of this red planet.

Waiting for the Thunder Bell 4:04
13.12.2013 dance / trance  fight / action 

Another relax song during approaching storm - it's time to awakening thunder bell ;-)

Dark Maze 2:01
24.11.2013 adventure 

If you want to be a hero, try to pass this dark underground maze. You may never find an exit, but you can find many places to die... Song is very short because of loss data and some instruments.

Tears of Eternity 4:13
23.11.2013 sad / melancholic 

Sometimes you need a place to cry. The place, where you are thinking about everything and nothing at one time. The place, where tears are the only way to heal. Welcome to the place of eternal tears.

Shadows of the Ancient Mansion 4:29
26.9.2013 adventure 

An epic adventure of lonely sorceress, who tries to help in some missions during her travelling. One of her mission is to explore an old ancient mansion, where ghosts, monsters and other enemies are hiding. (...)

Space mission to Andromeda 5:36
24.9.2013 dance / trance 

A little bit faster song about a spaceship crew, who has just started a dangerous mission floating through the space to Andromeda Galaxy.

Begin of the sunny war 3:03
26.12.2012 fight / action 

Fight is getting to be ready. The fortress in dune is prepared to beat the enemy. Tanks are moving closer and closer - the war will begin. It's pretty hot in the dust. Only one team can survive...

Heavenly cradle 3:46
26.12.2012 relax 

Just a small relaxing lullaby for good night wish.

Christmas 2012 1:10
26.12.2012 fairytale 

Short track with a little Christmas touch. First testing video of my new channel.

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