My free music composed with computer under the Creative Commons license

Dungeon, magic, sorcerrer music

Tracks with an atmosphere of crawling dungeons, magical events, fairy missions, fighting in the dark place, etc.

All Relax Sadness, Melancholic Dungeon, magic, sorcerrer Fairy tales War, fight and action Dance, Trance Hard and psychadelic

Laboratory 4:06
30.8.2020 adventure 

Free reserach music. Feel free to meditate, thinking, examining, working ... ;-)

Mysterious Underground 4:20
26.11.2019 adventure 

Free dungeon gameplay music.

On the Moon 2:51
6.4.2017 adventure 

Unusual song (from me :D) with unusual instruments. Enjoy ;-)

Old dungeon 3:47
7.11.2015 relax  adventure 

Imagine yourself in a dark dungeon. Nobody knows, what is at the other side - but maybe there could be some beautiful treasure...

Emotional Tour 4:08
17.12.2014 adventure 

Enjoy the atmosphere of The Koneprusy Caves. The music style will rotate likes in the rollercoaster. You should be scared, frightened, or you can be really cool - just pick up your way ;-)

Dark Maze 2:01
24.11.2013 adventure 

If you want to be a hero, try to pass this dark underground maze. You may never find an exit, but you can find many places to die... Song is very short because of loss data and some instruments.

Shadows of the Ancient Mansion 4:29
26.9.2013 adventure 

An epic adventure of lonely sorceress, who tries to help in some missions during her travelling. One of her mission is to explore an old ancient mansion, where ghosts, monsters and other enemies are hiding. (...)

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